Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Beginning

Hello! This is the beginning of what will be, hopefully, a series of posts to offer a glimpse of a (rather inexperienced) game developer's life. I am currently a co-founder and programmer of Rotten Mage, a recently-formed game development studio with a focus on pixel art and interesting game mechanics. We make games for the web and desktop, so please support us by playing our games!

In the weeks to come, I'll be posting technical details and updates (probably on a weekly basis) about the projects that I'm working on. I have a love for the command line, utilizing Python, bash scripts and Makefiles (all written with vim, of course!) to automate my build process, so expect to see the occasional script making its way here. Most of the time, I code in C/C++, Actionscript 3, JavaScript, and now Haxe. I dabble in Haskell once in a blue moon because I think it's a wonderful language, and hope to use it more. Check back regularly if you want to learn those programming languages along with me, or are interested in video game development in general, or just want to know what Rotten Mage is up to.


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