Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sidequest Updated: Blast

Two posts ago, I talked about creating a mash-up of Geometry Wars and Rez. I present to you Blast, an audio toy where shooting stuff paints a tone matrix. In this initial version, you control a simple ship to blast circles in order to colour cells on the tone matrix. Coloured cells then determine what sounds are played. It's still lacking a lot of feedback, but the general idea is there. I think the audio generated is pretty interesting.

In hindsight, coding everything with EaselJS was probably a bad idea, as I had to write out a lot of stuff on my own; stuff like motion and collision detection which could have been done easily with a framework like Phaser. I'll probably be porting everything over to Phaser before adding more stuff like particles and more interesting enemies. Chiny pointed me to a sprite generation tool that could come in handy for creating enemies. I'll see what I can come up with them. Maybe exploding enemies that colour multiple tiles in one go.

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